The $300K Entrepreneurs Challenge is the premier platform for launching ventures founded by NYU entrepreneurs. To compete, ventures must meet the following criteria:

Past Participation

Ventures that competed in a prior year and advanced to Round 2 and beyond are not eligible to re-enter.


Ventures must have received $250,000 or less in outside or institutional funding.


Ventures must have have received $250,000 or less in revenue in the past 12 months.

Venture Type

Certain businesses such as consultancies, real estate syndications, and nonprofits with no earned income revenue stream, are prohibited.


For the Technology Venture Competition, the technology at the core of the business must be in the proof-of-concept stage or later.


Teams must have at least one qualifying NYU representative who holds a significant equity share of the venture and intends to play a material role in the development of the venture both during the Challenge and afterwards.

Download the complete Eligibility Requirements and Competition Rules for each competition track here:

If you're still confused by the eligibility requirements, don't worry. The first step of the entry process is to complete an Eligibility Quiz, which will help you determine whether the $300K Entrepreneurs Challenge is right for you.